Rite of Baphomet
being the black liturgy of the Goat-Opposer and the Androgyne Initiator

by Joshua Jacob Seraphim
(Frater N.O.X.)
Copyright © 2002 e.v. Anno IVx

Baphomet as the Horned God is Pangenitor Panphage, the Begetter of All, of Gods and of Men. The archetype of the Ass-headed God worshipped in the arcane initiatory Order known as the Knights Templar is a vulgar corruption of the solar-phallic 'Devil', Baphomet is the Goat of Mendes regarded with horror and aversion by the Adepts of the Aeon of Osiris who were ignorant of His personification. The emblem of the Devil, of SThN (Satan the Prosecutor of Man) is Saturn behind the Sun, the Supreme Soul who is the phallic Baphomet. The Black Goat of the Sabbat is the Androgyne God who bade unto Man, "Know Thyself" and who taught initiation upon the dawn of darkness in the unformed lands of ancient lore.

To Baphomet is attributed the Atu XV in the Tarot of Thoth, which is the "Devil" pertaining to the Hebrew letter ayin which translates to 'Eye.' It is the Secret Eye before whom all light and shadow and God is but a pale reflection of a brief flash of existences in between endless No-Thing-ness. Thus, Baphomet is the exalted embodiment of hermetic gnosis, his concealed Zodiac sign Capricornus, the Goat leaping in ecstasy as the Godhead. Baphomet is Man made God, exalted in Him as Aegipan, the ALL. Worshipped by the Order of the Templars as the Goat-headed Lord of the Sabbats, the etymology of Baphomet is unveiled in the Arabic term for the "Father of Understanding", given as "Abu-fi-hamat" theorized by Sufi scholar Idries Shah. Shah also suggests the Sufi term "ras el-fahmat" which translates as 'head of knowledge.'

Furthermore, pertaining to the nature of etymology in the name Baphomet, scholars postulate a corruption of the Old French term for Baphomet originating in the vulgar spelling of Muhammad, as Mahomet by the French court of the Fourteenth century whom aspired to the vast wealth of the Knights Templar and their political sway in the medieval courts. It is likely that the archetype of Baphomet in whatever tongue, was a known entity before the demise of the Templars in e.v. 1307 with their persecution under King Philip IV and Pope Clement V of France, known even amongst commoners. Baphomet presides over the Sabbat of the elden witches who met along the nightside crossroads, seizing the light to perform their rites of nature. He is the unconscious beastial self - the spiritual phallus whose Horns bear the Torch of Understanding, the black flame of Luciferian self-illumination.

The Rite of Baphomet is a Sabbatic Sacrament. In this Rite is the Hidden One awakened. The Magician recalls in Hir Mystick History the First Memory, the First Night, the First Secret in which the Undying & Secret Self first commanded Hir spirit. In this Rite of self-deification, one is to destroy foul images of deity which serve as an escape from a false fear of life, image upon image of the ritualist is to be destroyed until an Indwelling of one's secret self beyond self occurs. The Indwelling of Baphomet is a Sabbatic liturgy wherein Man becomes God, self-deified, self-realized, and self-Mysterious. The Rite is not a Neo-Satanic ritual of abomination to nature, nor is it an adoration of foul images of Pan consecrated to powers of desolation and darkness. The Rite of Baphomet is a Magickal Working of Frater N.O.X. self-created according to His own Nature, and like all Magickal Rites, may be fitted unto the character of the Magician and Hir True Will. The Canticle of Baphomet was scribed by Frater N.O.X. upon the Sabbat of Yule, the Winter Solstice of e.v. 2002.

Black hooded robe (Cloak or garment)
8 black or indigo candles †
Musk or Civet incense
the hieroglyph of Baphomet (by Eliphas Levi) or a representation of an Ass or Goat altar in black or indigo covering
Holy Water (from the natural earth)
Musk, Civet, & or Abramelin oil

*other devices to indwell the spirit and elate the workings of the Rite are left to the creative enchantment and Will of the Magician*

I Purify and consecrate the Sanctuary or chamber of the Rite. Perform Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram (Banishing). Copious amounts of incense (Musk or Civet) are to permeate the Sanctuary or chamber, enshrouding the Ritualist in a thick fog of smoky incense. Arrange 8 black or indigo candles in a circle, the hieroglyph of Baphomet given by Eliphas Levi Zahed is recommended to place upon the altar in the South, along with or as alternative images/idols of Ass and/or a Goat. The Sanctuary or chamber of the Rite is to be adorned as one would call forth the Indwelling of Baphomet, the Goat-Godhead and Dark Lord of the Sabbat.

II Robed and decorated as s/he may deem proper to the Rite, let the Magician face the Altar of the South. Strike the bell 1-3-3-1 and proclaim in benediction:

The Word of the Law is Thelema. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. Blessing and worship unto the Snake and the Black Goat, the Eye in the Triangle, the Mystery of Mysteries in His name BAPHOMET! In the Name of the black one of the unbeholden, I declare the Indwelling of Baphomet and the shades of malediction flee away! In the Name of the Horned and Terrible One I proclaim the shells banished unto their habitations! Fugite O' apage infidelia, fugite! Ecce! ‡

III Litany of Enchantment At this gateway of infernal sorcery to the prologue of the Rite, the Ritualist/s initiate a chthonic supplication consisting of a series of invocations and resonating chants. This black liturgy is designed to convoke the androgyne polysexual forces of the primal Secret Soul beyond Self whereby the Sorcerer-Sorceress attains a mystick rebirth as Baphomet; initiating a re-creation of one's spiritual constitution as the hieroglyph of arcane perfection. By resonance and repetition of the Litany, an enchantment of arcane archetypal forces within the draconian depths of the human psyche, until the Indwelling, previously unexpressed. A Rebirth as Undying Baphomet summons forth the archetype of the Horned Lord of Self-Initiation, Serpent Secret-Soul, the inborn Initiator-Begetter of WoMan whom is veiled in unexpressed & untellable mysteries of the immortal WoMan. Therefore as an Enchantment proper to convoke the energies of the Aeon of Horus (Antichristendom), the Litany serves one to self re-create the psychic body and accommodate Indwelling energies of the Opposer-Initiator.

-Make aright and set upon in the Southern quarter thine Altar.
-Adorn in the Northern quarter of the Sanctuary a hieroglyph of Baphomet (by Eliphas Levi) or a representation of an Ass or Goat.
-Circumambulate thrice in the bearing of the Setting Sun (counterclockwise), pace and stalk about thy Holy Sanctuary with the swiftness and stealth of a Snake, giving the Sign of the Enterer of the Threshold when passing the Altar in the South so as to exude the force that flames thereforth.
-Execute the threefold Circumambulation, return to the Center of the Sanctuary, face the South Altar giving the Sign of Silence and shriek: "The Mystick Circumambulation symbolic of N.O.X. the Concealed Light is accomplished!"
-With thy spiritual Voice and Breathe Howl the Litany of Enchantment:

I Am He! Great Wild Beast! Gnarled Goat of Golgotha! Double-Horned One! Genitor-Genetrix of WoMan! Begetter-Opposer! Great Black Goat of the Woods!
I Am He! No-Thing-ness! In-All-Things!
Inverted-Initiator of the Star of the East! I Am Naught!
Great One of the Night of Time! Concealed Eye of the Concealed Sun! Thou Art!
I Am Pan to the profane, who worships Me as Baphomet knowest Myself, yet unto the unbeholden I AM AegiPan, exalted in Man! All in the Eye! Lord of the Gates of Matter!
All-Dark, All-Power, All-Causer!
As Typhon-Set Am I revered with my Blood of the Sun! Ye Lusts of the Snake extended in unlife!
As Belial Am I revered with my Canon of Lies! Ye Eaters of Speech!
As Lucifer Am I revered with my Covenant of the Eye! Ye Accursed Separators of Light and flesh!
As Leviathan Am I revered with my Scourge of Wisdom! Ye Acolytes of the Black Flame in the Dragon-Abode!
I Am! He is He and I AM IN HIM! I Am the Hidden One! Shadow of Shadows behind the Sun!
I Am the Eye and the Tooth! Fingers of Lucifuge the Firstborn is My Name!
I Am the Backward Face, He whose face is Behind Him! Lord of Faces is My Name!
I Am the foul-smelling Breath of the Maw of Hell! Disposer of Speech is My Name!
Thee, Thee I call forth! Thou Terrible and Invisible One!
BAPHOMET! I summon Thee, I summon Thee, I summon Thee!
Nay! I call thee not, in Thee I AM, and I Am naught, for in Him Am I invoked!
He, Devourer! He, Retreater! He, Overthrower!
Lord of the blackened blasphemous bloodrite! BAPHOMET!
I Am He, Darkener of the earth!
I Am He, Elder of Gehenna!
I Am He, Double-Accursed One!
The Snake Illuminated! The Goat Exalted! The Secret Phallus Erect!
I Am Thou, He is He! Mine is the flesh, the Blood, and the Kingdom forever and ever!
Roarer! Eater of Shades! Double-Horned Lord!
As My Bride and Acolyte, is the Sister of Seduction! Lady of the Bloodrite!
As My Son and Acolyte, is the Brother of Night! Sire of Concealed Light!
O' Soul Unknown!
Thou Lust! Thou Silence! Thou Beauty!
Where I AM in Him are these things concealed, for Thee unveils the veiled Eye!
I AM the Indwelling Self, the Secret-Self that is Naught save that which is the self beyond Self!
In He I Am No-Self indwelling in thy-Self Concealed! Nay! Self-Revealed!
In Him I AM the Revealing No-Thing-ness that is concealed in All-Things-to-be!
And in Him is the Truth, the Truth, and the Truth! Verily is this also a Lie!
O' Self Revealed!
O' Thou! Thou? Nay, Fool! Thou Art That!
Embraced by the Black Flame! Shadow of Shadows! Opener of Mouths!
There is no part of the Gods that is not of Me!
There is no part of Me that is not of the Gods!
He, the Seven-fold Star Initiator! He, the One in Eight! Begetter of Naught!
I am He, the Destroyer of Destroyers the Slayer of the Self-Slain! Mystery of Mysteries!
O' Thou Eye!
In Him am I called forth, In His Name! The Indwelling!

IV Allegory (Baphomet's Invocation) The Allegory is the mystick self-identification of WoMan with the phallic current of the All-Begetter in the spiritual procession throughout the Aeons. Face the Northern quarter of the Sanctuary whereupon is decorated a hieroglyph of Baphomet (by Eliphas Levi) or a representation of an Ass or Goat. Execute the Sign of the Enterer of the Threshold upon thine hieroglyph of Baphomet and hiss the Allegory (Baphomet's Invocation):

In the first aeon, I was the Great Spirit
In the second aeon, Men knew me as the Horned God.
Pangenitor Panphage
In the third aeon, I was the dark one, the Devil
In the fourth aeon, Men know me not, for I am the Hidden One
In this new aeon, I appear before you as Baphomet
The God before all gods who shall endure to the end of the Earth.X

Give the Sign of Silence and return unto the centre of thy Holy Sanctuary

V Ritual of the Averse Pentagrams
The term Pentagram stems from the Greek "pente" which literally translates as 'five', and "gramma", which translates to "letter."

The arcane significance of the Pentagram predates written history. Hieroglyphs of the Pentagram have been unearthed in ancient civilizations of the Hindus, Babylonians, Akkadian, Etruscans, Sumerians, and the Egyptians. The sigil of elemental equilibrium is venerated and vulgarized by subsequent societies. The ancient Hebrews correlated the Pentagram with the Pentateuch, the Five Books of Moses in the Old Testament. The Christian Church in its infancy looked in fear upon the Pentagram as corresponding to the five wounds suffered by the fabled Christ upon the Cross. To the elder Greek philosopher-mathematicians, the Pentagram was the PentAlpha, composed of five interlaced letter Alphas. Ancient Astrologers also attributed the Pentagram to the zodiacal patterns of Venus conjunctions with the Sun.

The innumerable elemental mysteries concealed in the hieroglyph of the Pentagram pertain to WoMan as the Microcosm justified and equilibrated. The dreaded Averse Pentagram is a source of misperception and phobia amongst Initiates, including those of the old Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Averse is defined as 'turned away from an axis', and 'disinclined.' In essence, two Pentagrams upon an axis at the base, mirror the other. The Averse Pentagram is a hieroglyph of Self-Initiation concealed in the elements of an Individuals own Undying nature. It is a self-alchemical formula of realization and synthesis. The Averse Pentagram does not, as the vulgar postulate, represent the Victory of Matter over the Spiritual, as a sigil adverse to profane spiritual materialism, the Averse Pentagram represents the Spirit Self-Initiating into the depths of Matter.

Purify and Consecrate thyself with Holy Water and with Fire in such a manner that preparest thee for the Indwelling of Baphomet. Face the Altar of the South whereupon is adorned an image or hieroglyph of BAPHOMET, stand erect in the centre of the Sanctuary. Take up thy Wand, which is the Blade of Baphomet, and let Hir execute the Sign of the Enterer of the Threshold unto the Altar of the South. Turn and face the North quarter of thy Holy Sanctuary wherein the hieroglyph of Baphomet (by Eliphas Levi) or a representation of an Ass or Goat is exalted.

Formulate the Kabbalistic Cross:

Touch thy brow and recite: Ateh (Thine is)
Touch thy breast and recite: N.O.X. the Night of Pan! (or OAI - Osiris! Apep! Isis!)
Touch thy genitals and recite: Malkuth (the Kingdom)
Touch thy right shoulder and recite: ve-Geburah (and the Power)
Touch thy left shoulder and recite: ve-Gedulah (and the Glory)
Place thy palms together upon the chest in benediction and recite: le-Olahm Amen (Unto the Ages)

Facing the North quarter let the Magician trace with Hir Wand (which is the erect phallic Blade of Baphomet) the Averse Pentagram proper to Invoke the element of Earth:

Execute the Sign of the Enterer of the Threshold, touch the centre of the Pentagram with the Blade of Baphomet to project a force of consecration unto the sigil, cry aloud BELIAL! Withdraw in the Sign of Silence.

Carry the Point from the centre of the formulated Pentagram to the West quarter and let the Magician trace with Hir Blade of Baphomet the Averse Pentagram proper to Invoke Water:

Execute the Sign of the Enterer of the Threshold, touch the centre of the Pentagram with the Blade of Baphomet to project a force of consecration unto the sigil, cry aloud BABALON! Withdraw in the Sign of Silence.

Carry the Point from the centre of the formulated Pentagram to the South quarter and let the Magician trace with the Blade of Baphomet the Averse Pentagram proper to Invoke Fire:

Execute the Sign of the Enterer of the Threshold, touch the centre of the Pentagram with the Blade of Baphomet to project a force of consecration unto the sigil, cry aloud SThN (Shaitan)! Withdraw in the Sign of Silence.

Carry the Point from the centre of the formulated Pentagram to the East quarter and let the Magician trace with the Blade of Baphomet the Averse Pentagram proper to Invoke Air:

Execute the Sign of the Enterer of the Threshold, touch the centre of the Pentagram with the Blade of Baphomet to project a force of consecration unto the sigil, cry aloud LUCIFER! Withdraw in the Sign of Silence.

Return unto the North quarter completing the Mystick Circle, extend the Body in the form of an X: thus, separate widely the feet and legs diagonally so as to formulate with the lower half of the Body a '?'. Extend the arms above the head wide as to form a 'V'. With the Body in the form of an "X" recite:

Before me Lucifer;
Behind me Baphomet;
At my right hand Belial;
At my left hand Babalon;
About me flames the Pentagram
And about the Middle Pillar illuminates the Sevenfold Star!

Equilibrate the Concealed Light by again resonating the Kabbalistic Cross as before. Return unto the centre of the Sanctuary.

VI The Canticle of Baphomet The Canticle of Baphomet was scribed by Frater N.O.X. upon the Sabbat of Yule, the Winter Solstice of e.v. 2002, II Anno Antichristus. The Canticle represents the bidding of the Ritualist to Indwell within hirself the Archetype of Baphomet. The Canticle is a most harrowing summons of those powers and archetypes previously unexpressed and unexplored by the Initiate. It is a vocal litany of Silent Self-Initiation into the Antichristian current of the Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati.

Face the South Altar upon which is adorned the Hieroglyph of Baphomet.
Behind thee an image or representation of an Ass or Goat in the North quarter.
Stand Erect and bellow the Canticle of Baphomet:

Be Silent! I AM the Indwelling!
Obscene One!
Breaker-In-Pieces! Liar-of-Covenants!
Double-Horned Hinderer!
I AM the blasphemous Indwelling self of the Self-Initiator
O' Soul of My-Self! he is HE!
Self-slaying seed of Satan!
Self-revealing ego of self-concealment
I AM the ego of Man; I am No-Man
He is in Thee and I in Him!
O' Man of Him! Alas!
I AM He! I AM No-Self
One-thousand-and-One Lies of the Prophets beckon My Name!
I AM the Lie, verily is ego a lie as Man is the Lie
Lo! Hearken to this Canticle of the Blasphemy of BAPHOMET!
I AM the True Beast, the True Man and the False Prophet
Yea, He is the Lie of the Testament as Man is the True Beast 666
Hearken and bethink! I name Thee! I Will Thee!
Gnarled Goat of Golgotha!


Blackened Blasphemy of the Great Black Flame!


Mad God of gods of the Horror of the Abyss!


I AM Hell!

I AM the Veil of the Abyss wherein the Veil is the falsehood of its Rendering and the falsehood of the Knowledge and Conversation
I AM the Abyss from the No-Thing-ness of the Maw of Hades comes No-Man forth Horned and Eyeless Son of Iniquity!
In Thee I AM Inverted
Dispeller of the Dying Darkness!
Disposer of speech!
Devourer of the flesh of Muhammad!
O' Ye whom awaken the Lust and Malediction of the Horned Serpent
I AM the Eye of the Goat and the Serpent whom sleepeth Dead but dreaming
I AM the Blood of the Goat where is the resurrection of the Snake
I AM the Horn of the Goat, and mine is the Gilded Wand in the Black Sanctuary!
Horned One of Silence!
Great Goat of the Night of Man!
Double-Horned Elder Serpent!
Lord! Hierophant!
Mage of Mages, Mystery of Mysteries, Word of Words!
God of the Great Gates of the Black Spheres!
Mine Father! The Eye! Inverted Head!
My-Self made perfect! Indwelling self of No-Self
I AM in Him and in Thee I AM Not for I AM SELF
Silent Self Indwelling of My-self! I Beckon Thee! Nay!
I call Thee not for in Him am I invoked!
Progenitor! Malefactor! Vanquisher!
Lo'! Hearken to this the Black Liturgy
of the Canticle of the Blasphemy of BAPHOMET 666!
Nay! Be Silent!

VII Hieroglyph of BAPHOMET. Formulate with thine vessel the Signs of N.O.X. ; thus professing the Mystick Self-Revelation of the Indwelt Archetype of Baphomet. The communion with the Indwelt archetype of BAPHOMET is accomplished by the giving of the N.O.X. signs which represent the Concealed Light and self re-created psychic body in the guise of the Inverted-Opposer-Initiator. The Signs of N.O.X. are as follows:

N - The Sign of Peur (the Boy). Khem. Heru and Mentu. O - The Sign of Vir of Pater (the Man). Amoun. Attitude of Pan or Bacchus; followed by the Sign of Puella (the Girl) Venus Pudica, the Sign of Chastity. X - The Sign of Mulier (the Woman), Isis in Welcome; Sign of Babalon; Attitude of Baphomet. This Mystick Formula is concluded by the Sign of Mater Triumphans (Triumphant Mother), Isis Rejoicing; Isis with Horus; Set Triumphant.

VIII Revelation of the Rite The climax of the Rite is unconditionally interdependent upon the Mystick Will of the Magician. The Sorcerer/Sorceress should enter wild dance and lust-bidden celebration in the Spirit of BAPHOMET Indwelt. The archetype of BAPHOMET is the unbound personification of Lust and Chthonic Self-Initiation, self-identity and power. "thou hast no right but to do thy will." Perform the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram aright. Close the Sanctuary/Chamber meticulously, and with a reverent manner.


† - Baphomet as the Octonimos is the eight- headed body concealed in the Kabbalistic Tree of life. The Horned Head of the Black One lies in Daath. The Mystery of unveiling the Octonimos comes forth from Liber AL II;15 - "For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed. The Empress and the King are not of me; for there is a further secret."

‡ - Latin: Flee! Away O' Infidels! Flee! Behold!

X - Excerpt from Liber Null - Psychonaut by Peter J. Carroll, York Beach, Me. (Samuel Weiser), 1987, S. 131f.



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