General Introduction
® Umbra Ingredior ~ July. 2004

Quotation: "The moment that we indulge our desires, our will, EVERYTHING is metamorphosed, there is dark and light; EVERYTHING turns to leaving behind Chaos.""
- Umbra Ingredior


I was in two minds whether or not to indulge you in a personal rendition of my own persona, but thought better of it. Reason being for this is that others, less stable than most of, would only attempt to use it as a weapon against us (or so they believe). Instead, I have decided to give introductions of that which are contained in this website.

This will serve as a tri-fold benefit.

  1. It will enable you to understand the contexts from which I am deriving; and
  2. Will let you make your own mind as to how to incorporate these into your own personal practices, if so desired; and
  3. Hopefully make you, less afraid of much of the "unknown"

Lets first begin by looking at the meaning behind this initial website...
I began this website quite a while ago, to assist, at first, to encapsulate all my workings in the one area, that it would be safe "off computer" and "off paper" in the cyberworld. As this site grows, there is the realisation that there would be no infinity large enough to crib all of the works possible for a total comprehension of all the masters, and their works, both past and present. But now it has become a primeval key to much of my practices in the fact that the resource has matured into an age, a time, that is most convenient in both theology and practice.

This site will always continue to grow, as will I. This site will never lose sight of that first seed that was planted within me by others. And which that tiny seed, has grown graciously and will, in hope, eventually leave seeds of my own, in others to continue the legacy, which the original seed began in me.

I hope that there will be others also, to contribute to this site as much as I, and that our collective minds, and practices, will reach far and wide to enfold within our comtemplative souls. In saying this, I would like to thank you personally for your visit to this site and that you will continue your journey "Beyond Hidden Realms" to which some of you may be familiar with, while others may not. But for those of you how are unfamiliar to these concepts, please do not be afraid of what you may find. There is ChAos in everything, there is always good and bad. Life came from ChAos - YOU came from ChAos.... will you now dare to explore it?

If you so wish to explore the pages beyond then please do click the image below to continue upon your journey "Beyond Hidden Realms"

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Oh! Just one other thing before you go - the invocations, spells etc that you find on this site can be used in absolutely any context that you desire. They have worked well both in and out of ritual space, also with and without a group. These invocations, spells etc. can be utilised as a basic template for your OWN personal needs.. so have fun with them - just remember the Karmic Law - which by the way - - I will hold NO responsibility for...


In Kindest Regards
"Umbra Ingredior"



This web site may have content that is indicitive to that of alternate beliefs and/or practices.
Some content, you may find unsuitable - please be aware of this, and if you are light-hearted, kill this page now.

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